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What is the Lifehouse Project?

Our mission is to provide shelter, personal development, spiritual, and mental empowerment, education, career and financial development to every man, woman, and child suffering from child abuse, domestic violence, human trafficking and homelessness. We are the hub for community partnership and collaboration across the globe.

Humans have the right to a standard of living that is promising and adequate for health and well-being. It is our duty and responsibility to provide a sanctuary concerning the well-being and subsistence, mental health, community support, spiritual development, and education for every woman and child seeking refuge from abuse, domestic violence, and human trafficking.

This non-profit organization, created in 2020, is a cut above. Our foundation encompasses full services to women and children that are homeless, sex trafficked, or come from homes with domestic violence. We provide shelter and services. Our four-pillar program will support a long-term change in the lives of every person we serve as well as the communities. Our programs online and within our homes were constructed to stop homelessness and the maltreatment of children and women worldwide.



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Lifehouse Project goal is to UNITE and strengthen non-profits to grow by providing the HUB for resources, education, connections, and business strategies.

Over the course of this three day summit, attendees will understand that Non-profit organizations are relying on strict grant funding to fund their organizations which limits their capacity and ability to exceed and succeed. This issue is felt by non-profits across the globe. It is time that organizations are given the tools to succeed for their greater purpose.


Non-profits will learn business strategies, how to fund their organization, and more. Individuals will understand the most pressing issues in society today. Businesses will learn how they can make an impact.


This is a summit where anyone can come and leave with more tools than they came with.


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C L U B H O U S E   S P E A K E R S

Through research and development, we have seen the staggering stipulations that government funding can put on a non-profits mission, values, sustainability, and growth.